Fast Dataset

The data set was related to Formula 1 with data around constructors, drivers and races.

Today’s task was unique. We were asked to create a dashboard and write a blog. The added condition was only to use Tableau Server. To the folks who are new to Tableau, this is the server version of the desktop. It has a subset of the features that are present in the Desktop version.

The brief was to use Tableau Server for the join and any data wrangling required.

This turned out to be challenging in two folds. First, the Tableau server was supposed to be used in web edit mode. So, the workbook would need to be edited online and we had issues saving the workbook. Second, Formula 1 was a totally new topic to understand. I had heard about it but never knew its intricacies. I used my lack of knowledge to be the basis of the dashboard.


I started with an iterative method so that I can add content to the dashboard without making it look incomplete. This approach would go well with the technical problems that we were having. Also, I also planned to more informative kind of dashboard that would explain more about Formula 1 to a user.

Data Cleaning

Since any data wrangling in Alteryx was discouraged. I used to for exploratory purposes. I check the data and it was mostly clean without any extra characters for the content I needed.


There were quite a few datasheets details races, pitstops, constructor details, Driver details. I want to talk about Mercedes as construction and show its change in points vs Red Bull which is a famous rival. I focused on joining constructor standings with other data sources so as use them in my descriptive dashboard.

You can view the dashboard below here.