The famous dashboard week is here. The dataset was from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). We were provided data at 9 am and we need to create a dashboard, publish it on Tableau Public and write a blog by end of the day. The data set had information on Australian charities, their location, establishment date, overseas presence, revenue size classification and most important of all, categories. There were 2 major types of categories. These were based on the purpose of the charity organization called subtypes as well as beneficiaries.



I used the above Alteryx workflow to get the data in a pliable form for Tableau.¬† Since there were around 58K rows, I decided to focus on Australian Charities with overseas presence and understand their characteristics. In addition, data was collected as a set of questions with answers in “Y” and “N” format. So I transposed the data so that I had a name, value pair for each charity with Name field containing the question asked.


I built the dashboard to get a view of beneficiaries vs Purpose of the australian charities. You can view the dashboard on Tableau Public here 

There were a few interesting observations:

  1. The Australian charities that had an overseas presence focused mostly on advancing social or public welfare. Religion and Education are 2nd and 3rd topmost purpose.
  2. Major beneficiaries of these charities were overseas communities follower children and families
  3. The revenue is not a deterrence for these charities for doing overseas work
  4. A lot of the charities are concentrated on the eastern coast of Australia with density around major cities.