As part of series of blogs on Alteryx, I shall focus on the lesser-used aspects of certain tools in Alteryx and the assumptions around them. I feel that quite often, we forget that these options exist and try complicated solutions when the tool provides simpler solutions upfront.

Input Tool – Multiple Files

If you want to input multiple files through the Input Tool it is possible. This works only if the files are of the same number of columns and the same data types. They should also be in the same folder. If the format changes, Alteryx will show a warning and skip the files. For example, all files

The files need to be processed from the folder “multiple files”. The file input for one of them looks like below. There are 2 other files with the same format.

.Step 1:  Under “connect a file or database”, select one of the files first. Here there is a pattern in the input files. All the files start with “Input File” so we can use a wildcard *.

Step 2: update the file path as below.



Step 3: “Ctrl + R” to run the workflow and view the results.

Input Tool – Getting the name of the source file used

Often, when there are multiple files used, you want to keep track of the file or path of the files used as part of the report. This could help in audits and ensure the right data was used. For the same example above, one needs to select the option as shown below:

So now, the file path will be obtained in the results.

I hope this has helped in your Alteryx learning journey. There are other lesser-used aspects that I shall focus on, in my next few blogs.