Dashboard Week in General

After the Christmas and New Year break, our 2022 started with dashboard week. During dashboard week, we were given a dataset in the morning and each one had to built a dashboard by the end of the day and preset it next morning. And this cycle repeats for the rest of the week. By doing this, we practiced timeboxing our work.

Day-1: Game of Thrones- Alteryx workflow

On the first day of our dashboard week, we got an api to download the dataset. i used Alteryx to download and the json parsed the downloaded data. I mainly concentrated on the books and all houses data. After cleaning both the datasets, I finally joined the datasets and outputted Tableau Hyper file as shown in the workflow below.

What I wanted to Analyze

After outputting the Tableau hyper file from Alteryx, I then opened the file in Tableau. Here, I also used another dataset to get the more fields for my dashboard and analysis. I used relationships to join the datasets.

Unlike now, where mostly the leaders are chosen in democratic process, back then a kingdom can only be ruled by winning a war (or other tactics). And war needs strategies to plan and fight both. So, I wanted to analyze and find the houses that were top killers in each season. Also, I wanted to find which character was the top killer regardless of houses. Lastly, method of killing was also something I wanted to check and find which weapons’ were the deadliest of all in each season.

My dashboard

The Dashboards I built has functionality to select any season from the top as shown below.

Once any season is selected, It will filter all the other charts. Say, in season-1, top killer houses were House Lannister and House Starks and the top method of killing was using a sword. Regardless of any season, Daenerys Targaryen was the top killer (as she had three dragons with her). If you wish to explore this dashboard, please find the link of my dashboard that is uploaded Tableau Public.


It was a good start of our dashboard week and the start of year 2022. Looking forward to more dataset during this week.
Edit: to find the link of my Day-2 of the dashboard week where I have worked on YouTube trending videos dataset, please find the link here.
Thank you for reading my blog.

Vaibhav Patel
Author: Vaibhav Patel