Start of The Day

Today started with the presentation of the first dashboard on Game of thrones. After everybody’s presentations, we were given the dataset for todays challenge and built a dashboard and find find insights from it.

The Dataset

This time the dataset was all the trending videos on YouTube from 11 different countries and 15 categories. These videos were published between 14-July-2020 and 4-January-2022.

Alteryx Workflow

There were 11 different datasets , one for each country, containing all the trending videos. Also, there were equal number of .json files containing the category description for each country. So, my first logical step was to bring all the files to Alteryx. For that I used wildcard to bring these files into two different input tools. After that, I cleaned, transformed and selected only the important fields that I needed for my dashboard and analysis. And then I merged both the data set so as to bring the category names and add it to my trending videos dataset. Finally, I outputted the Tableau hyper file. Below is a screenshot of my Alteryx workflow.

Analyzing and Building my Tableau Dashboard

With this dataset, I decided to build a dashboard that guides any user who wants to be a youtuber and need some inspiration. The dashboard I prepared had 4 major steps to interact with he charts.

Step-1: Select a Category

As a first step, user can select any category he/she wishes to make a video on. Just select one of the bars and go to step two.

Step-2: Select your Audience

From your selected category, you will be able to see that out of all the trending videos of that category, which country had most audience from. From here, you can now select any number of countries where you want to target the audience from.

Step-3: Select The Top-5  Videos

This chart here contains the top-5 songs that were in trending most number of times. After you have selected the country of your choice, now you have list of top-5 videos of that category and country. Select any video of your choice and go to the final step,








Step-4: Play Your Video

Now its time to play the video. Once you have selected the video of your choice, just click on the icon on the top right “Click to open You Tube”

Once you click on the, a pop up will appear where you can play the video.


Here is my final dashboard screenshot. Also find the link to my Tableau Public here where you can find this dashboard.

To Conclude

This dashboard is prepared to give any future (or current) youtubers a guide to the top trending videos. You can select their category of interest and country where you want to target the audience. And finally watch the videos. These videos will give you guide to what type of content people are watching and you can then get inspired from the different aspects of their videos like how was that video made. Finally create your own video.
Edit: to find the link of my Day-3 of the dashboard week where I have worked on You Tube trending videos dataset, please find the link here.
Thank you for reading my article.

Vaibhav Patel
Author: Vaibhav Patel