Today was the third day of our dashboard week. Similar to previous days, we presented our dashboard that I built yesterday. You can find the link of my blog here. After everybody’s presentations, we were given our new dataset and the task for today was to built a dashboard on The Museum of Modern Art. During the dashboard week, we had t built a dashboard by the end of the day. The main purpose to finish it by the end of the day was to timebox our work.

The Dataset

Today’s dataset was on The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). There were two dataset, one contained the details about the artist and other contained the details about the artwork. The artist dataset contained the details about their demographics and linking field to artwork dataset. The artwork dataset contained  all the items and collections that The Museum of Modern Art acquired or were gifted since 1929, which was the year the museum was first established. The dataset also had the details about the size of the artworks, link to the work and much more. It was a quite detailed dataset and a fun topic to work on.

Alteryx Workflow

First step before building a dashboard was to clean and join the datasets. Using Alteryx tools, cleaned the dataset and narrowed down the datasets field to only the once I waned to use for my analysis and building a dashboard. After the data wrangling process, I finally outputted the data as a tableau Hyper file. A snapshot of the Alteryx workflow is attached below.

Tableau Dashboard

Finally Dashboard time.
The dataset was quite comprehensive and the topic was personally very interesting for me. After exploring the dataset, I wanted to analyze the trend of the how the collection changed over time. I choose this topic because I think that the collection and artwork of a successful museums is the reflection of what people’s preferences. So, i wanted to study how the preferences of the people changed over time through. This, according to me, was reflected in the collection that museum acquired.

As this dashboard was based on the Artwork, so I wanted to explore and experiment new charts and designs for today. I choose to use radial bar chart for this dashboard. I wanted to keep it simple and informative at the same time. So, there were only three types of charts: line chart, bar chart and radial bar chart.
I created three bins (divided the dataset into 3 sets) of 20 years each (except the last bin with 30 years). Using this as a filter helped me analyze and study the trend aggregated to two decades level.

Please find the screenshot of the final dashboard below. You can also explore this dashboard that I have uploaded to Tableau Public here.

To Conclude

Today was a very interesting and informative day for me. The dataset was very comprehensive and the topic was quite amazing. It was a good chance for me to experiment with the charts.
Edit: to find the link of my Day-4 of the dashboard week where I have worked on You Tube trending videos dataset, please find the link here.
Thank you for reading my blog.

Vaibhav Patel
Author: Vaibhav Patel