If you have opened this blog, you have possibly already cleared initial rounds of the Data school application process, good going. If you haven’t already applied and are interested in applying, I will strongly recommend you attend the meet and greet session. Also, you can refer to a detailed blog of the application process by Jack Perry to get some pointers.

Here are my top 3 tips:

1. Put on your ‘Consultant Lens’ when presenting.

Just a great viz will probably not cut it. An important factor also is, how you will be able to articulate your findings on your viz. The coaches and the management look for applicants who will eventually present to clients during training and placements. I had practiced and timed my presentation a few times before the interview.

2. Enhance your viz by supplemental data.

Try to find any supplemental data that can enhance your viz. When I was making my viz, I found two shape files (as seen in the image below) with which I could blend my data, some Data Schoolers in my cohort also used weather data to gain some good insights. However, do remember to use supplemental data to enhance but not overshadow the main data set.

3. Research on any valid outliers from the data-set.

If there are any valid outliers found in the data-set, try to research on what could have caused them. For example, during my presentation I was asked about peaks and troughs observed (as seen in the image below). There was a mention from the management that sometimes outliers bring interesting insights.

Good Luck and Happy Vizzing !

Varun Varma
Author: Varun Varma