On day three of the dashboard week, we were given a task to build a dashboard on Cricket World Cup, since the 2019 world cup final is scheduled this weekend.

There were two big positives with the Day 3 dashboard

  • The data was clean as it could get. Craig had recently built a dashboard on Cricket World Cup (A dashboard you definitely do not want to miss, especially if you are a punter). So, he was kind enough to load some of the data he extracted on to Data School SQL server, where we all had access to.
  • I have been watching and following Cricket my whole life. So, I knew exactly what the data meant.


Since the theme was World Cup’s, I decided to start with an overview sheet of the World Cup as my first chart on the Dashboard. I had recently seen a viz of the day, showing historic timeline, which I really liked. So, I decided to emulate the same by taking the historic world cup data.

For the next chart, I wanted to focus on the form of each team entering the world cup. I decided to go this route as the world cup was still not over. So, I was looking for results of the last 10 matches for each team. For this I used Alteryx to filter matches of team separately. Then, I ordered matches of each team by descending date and gave it a record ID (latest match being 1). I could then filter out only the top 10 record IDs. Finally, I have combined all the teams, to get this result.

For the final dashboard, I wanted to compare key metrics of each team. Previously for one of our client projects, fellow data schoolers created a radar chart on sports data. I thought it would be a great idea to do the same to compare metrics. So, I searched online and got a good blog post Toan Hoang, on creating a radar chart. I used Alteryx to prep the data and then followed the blog to get the radar chart.

Click on any picture to go to the dashboard.


Varun Varma
Author: Varun Varma