Here we are at the end of our (DSAU 3) 4-month training period. However, because of the intensity of the program, it felt like 4 weeks. In this blog, I try to explore how my decision to apply to the data school turned out.


Application to Data School:

Data school program is unique, there is currently nothing in the market that you can compare it with. So, what did I base my application to Data School on?

  • The Tools:
    I really enjoy my time using Tableau and wanted a role that would offer exposure to tool.
  • The Program Structure:
    Contrary to working at most jobs, where you are usually expected to get going from the start. There is 4 months of training before you get placed at with a client.
  • Alumni:
    Data School UK has been operating since a few years already. So, there are a few cohorts that are already part of the alumni. I was able to check the profiles of alumni from the Data School UK website, to see how they are progressing in their career.
  • LinkedIn:
    I connected with members of the cohorts that were under training or in placement, to get feedback on how they found the program.



The training at Data School has lived up to the expectations and more. Here are some of the reasons why I think so:

  • Client Projects:
    There are at least 7 client projects that you work on, during the training period. The data is real, the tasks/problems that the clients put forward are real. The clients vary from Sporting Organizations to Banking, so the exposure that you get is immense.
  • Time Management:
    Whether it is a client project or not, you are expected to work on a task and present the findings every Friday. So, meeting the deadlines will make you work on your time management skills.
  • Coaches:
    During the training period, you have many data experts teaching different topics. Therefore, gives you lot of exposure.
  • Teamwork:
    Having to work within a team with diverse backgrounds, bouncing ideas and feedback, helped to get different perspectives on the same set of data.


Considering the above details, I am certain that I made the right choice applying to Data School and would definitely recommend Data School to anyone who wants to launch their career in the field of Data Analytics.

Looking forward for the next two years of consulting.

Varun Varma
Author: Varun Varma