Here are some additional ideas to make your Tableau training session even more effective:

  1. Use real-life examples and case studies to illustrate how Tableau can be used in practical situations. This can help the audience understand the value of the tool and how it can be applied to their own work. Look for tableau public examples, text books, blog posts and of course Workout Wednesdays to gain inspiration.
  2. Incorporate visual aids such as images, videos, and graphs to help explain concepts and make the training more engaging. This can also help reinforce key ideas and make them easier to remember. Having PowerPoint slides will make your training session more cohesive and memorable.
  3. Provide additional resources such as articles, tutorials, and online courses to help the audience continue learning and practicing after the training session is over. Maybe you can share your useful resources on the last slide to help your audience with their data journey.
  4. If you have the opportunity, practice your material on your relatives or friends. Sometimes it is hard to judge the level of challenge of your own course, however, having some practice runs will help you adjust the training program for beginner Tableau users.
  5. Consider using interactive tools such as quizzes, polls, and surveys to help the audience test their knowledge and engage with the material. Use Kahoot to make your session more engaging and have some competitive spirit!
  6. Be flexible and willing to adapt to the needs of your audience. If you notice that they are struggling with a particular concept, be prepared to spend more time on it or adjust your approach to help them understand.
  7. Encourage collaboration and teamwork by having the audience work in groups on certain exercises or projects. This can help foster a sense of community and make the training session more engaging.
  8. Ask for feedback from your audience after the training session is over. Use this feedback to improve your future training sessions and ensure that you are meeting the needs of your audience.
  9. And finally, have some fun!

By incorporating these additional ideas, you can make your Tableau training session more effective, engaging, and valuable for your audience.

Veronika Varaksina
Author: Veronika Varaksina

Meet Veronika, a dynamic and adaptable individual with a diverse background in economics, accounting, finance, and data analytics. Veronika pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and gained valuable experience in financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting while working for five years in accounting and finance. However, she soon realized her passion for data analytics and decided to pursue a postgraduate degree in Analytics at Victoria University. Throughout her academic journey, Veronika honed her skills in data visualization, statistical modeling, and machine learning. Her expertise earned her a spot in the highly competitive Data School program, where she further continues to expand her skills in data analysis.