Participating in Tableau Workout Wednesday is a beneficial practice for several reasons, like:

  1. Develop and practice new Data Visualization Skills: by participating in these challenges, participants can improve their data visualization skills and learn new techniques for presenting data effectively.
  2. Encourages Creativity: Tableau Workout Wednesday challenges are designed to push participants outside of their comfort zones and encourage creativity. By attempting to solve these challenges, participants can explore new ways of visualizing data and develop their own unique style.
  3. Builds Community: you can connect with other data enthusiasts and share their knowledge.
  4. Helps to Stay Up-to-Date: Tableau is a rapidly evolving software with new features and capabilities being added regularly. By participating in Tableau Workout Wednesday, participants can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in data visualization.
  5. Add content to your Tableau Public: By completing WOW challenges, you can quickly add a lot of content to your Tableau Public profile.

In summary, Tableau Workout Wednesday is a beneficial practice for anyone, however, how do you pick what challenge to attempt?

In this article I have organized some WOW challenge by categories and difficulty. The first link in the category will lead to an easier challenge and difficulty will increase with each next one. Please note, that some categories like “Out There” is significantly more challenging than formatting category, for example.

Firstly, I would like to recommend this series of challenges, as all of them are connected to one dashboard. Those challenge are more advanced level, never the less, I recommend completing them with online help, as there are a lot of different tools in this challenge and it is a good way to explore different methods.

One dashboard (challenging):

Next challenges are categorized into formatting, interactivity, maps, dates and peculiar charts.


Activity on a dashboard (Interactivity):



Out there (Extra challenging!):

I hope that you have found this article helpful and attempted some of those challenges!

Veronika Varaksina
Author: Veronika Varaksina

Meet Veronika, a dynamic and adaptable individual with a diverse background in economics, accounting, finance, and data analytics. Veronika pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and gained valuable experience in financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting while working for five years in accounting and finance. However, she soon realized her passion for data analytics and decided to pursue a postgraduate degree in Analytics at Victoria University. Throughout her academic journey, Veronika honed her skills in data visualization, statistical modeling, and machine learning. Her expertise earned her a spot in the highly competitive Data School program, where she further continues to expand her skills in data analysis.