Today is the 2nd day of dashboard and the topic is crime data. We can select the topic from Crime and Justice data from ABS and the topic I choose is Crime Victimisation. From this data, the analysis aspect is just for the household crime in 2021-2022 which is the most recent time range.

The data processing work is all done in Power BI. The data is clean and tidy, which I think Power Query is enough for that. The function I use for the first time is “Merge Query” and “Append Query”. With “Merge Query”, I can merge two table with same category columns but different numeric columns. With “Append Query”, I can append data from different crime type with same data structure into the same table.

After I got all these data, I started to explore the data and find insight.  I think the most interesting part for me is the answers from people encountered different crime that if you would tell police when crime happened and why you won’t tell them.

I have published my dashboard to novypro and welcome to have a look and comment.


Yi Gao
Author: Yi Gao

Yi has a master’s degree in data science from The University of Sydney and a background in engineering and manufacturing. She is passionate about finding insights from large and diverse datasets and applying them to real-world scenarios. In her previous role at Daimler China, she analysed vehicle usage data, provided recommendations and created dashboard for internal customers. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, especially of animals and her two sons, and cooking traditional Chinese food.