Today is dashboard week day 3 and the data source we got today is Public Library Statistics (

The moment I got this data, I started to look for the data of the council I lived in. And my focus shifted from books to the program they had, as I always felt there wasn’t enough programs for my son in the library.

Cleaning Data

All the data cleaning is done in alteryx. The main cleaning job focus on sample the row I needed and clean the council so the tables can join together.


In the dashboard, there’re two questions I want to explain: “How’s the performance of Library Program in The Hills Shire Council?” and “Why this happened?”.

In the “How” part, I display the program number and attendance number in 2022-2023. I also analyze the age group of the program targeted audience and topics.

In the “Why” part, I focus on the correlation between staff number, staff salary, expenditure, funding and program number.

Below is my dashboard. If you like it, take a look and leave a comment.



Yi Gao
Author: Yi Gao

Yi has a master’s degree in data science from The University of Sydney and a background in engineering and manufacturing. She is passionate about finding insights from large and diverse datasets and applying them to real-world scenarios. In her previous role at Daimler China, she analysed vehicle usage data, provided recommendations and created dashboard for internal customers. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, especially of animals and her two sons, and cooking traditional Chinese food.