This is the 4th day in dashboard week. Today our topic is NHL ice hockey.

Data Cleaning

This is another Power BI dashboard, and the same as last one, I still clean the data in Power Query. However, I find that when dealing with large table (like the shots table in the data source, the size is more than 500M), “Merge Query” has performance issue, which Power BI is just frozen, and I have to force quit and hours of my work is gone. But I fix that with creating measures and columns in DAX. So, if the table is too large and the calculation is too complex, the optimal way to clean data is in Alteryx.

My tables relationship is shown as below.

Building Dashboard

In the dashboard, I want to analyze the difference between Playoff Games and Regular Season, and the comparison prospectives are home team advantage, penalty and shots and games number.

Yi Gao
Author: Yi Gao

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