Month Heatmap in Tableau

In this blog I will show you how to build a month heatmap. This is a good way to view certain things by days of the month, and is beneficial for businesses wanting to see something like: which days of the week produce more sales? In this example I have used the sample superstore dataset to produce a month heatmap to answer this question.

First, we right click and drag order date onto the columns and select MONTH(discrete) and then onto the rows and select WEEKDAY(discrete). This shows the months of the years across the top, with the days of the week going down the page on the left.

Next, we drag sales onto the text mark on the marks card to show the sum of sales for each month by each weekday. We can also drag sales onto colour to give us a visual look at which days produce more sales.

We can then change the mark type by clicking on the drop down bar and selecting ‘square’. This changes the table so that the background of the cells are coloured instead of just the text, as this gives us a more clearer visual on sum of sales.

In order to give the user more interactivity, we can add a filter to view the sum of sales by each region. Then by showing this filter, users can now interact with it.

Finally, selecting ‘Single Value (list)’ from the filter settings, will show the sum of sales individually for each region when selected. Now just change the view to ‘entire view’…



…and here’s the finished product!


Zack Hawkins
Author: Zack Hawkins