Finally, it’s the last day of the dashboard week!

Data Introduction

The data we got is from the Legatum Institute and it shows the prosperity index which indicates how prosperity is forming and changing across the world from 2007 to 2021.

The index consists of 12 pillars of prosperity, built upon 67 actionable policy elements, and is underpinned by 300 indicators.

Data Preparation

As we only receive the dataset this morning, David has already cleaned the data for us due to our time constrain.

I filter out the year of 2021 and build a relationship in tableau desktop between 2 tables in order to join the total index ranking table and the table shows the breakdown of selected 4 pillars.

Dashboard (Interactive Viz)

The main purpose in this dashboard is to find whether the selected 4 pillars are balanced for each country. In the seam time, try to find the reasons why some pillars are not performing well.

Below are 2 core components to my dashboard:

  • The overview (ranking top5 and bottom5) of countries’ shapes of prosperity in 2021.

  • China’s personal freedom analysis including average scores by elements and average scores and rankings over the time.

Interesting findings:
  1. The top 5 countries in 2021 are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland and all the selected 4 pillars in these countries are very balance.
  2. Even my home country China ranks 56 in 2021 at the overall prosperity level, the score of personal freedom is disproportionate low. This is mainly because the score of the freedom of speech and access to information is extremely low (ranks 166 out of 167), the last one is Turkmenistan.
  3. In terms of freedom of speech and access to information element, there is a downward trend from 2007 to 2021 and the score dropped from 14 to 9, which shows the speech environment is getting worse over the time.

Good Aspects:

Excellent timeboxing, finished dashboard and the blog 1 hour before the presentation.

Things to improve:

Instead of only looking at one country, it would be even better if the elements breakdown analysis and the time trend analysis can be updated automatically based on the country/pillar we choose.


Zoe Lu
Author: Zoe Lu

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