Our Purpose

Engage the Data School consultants

Carefully selected through a rigorous and competitive application process, our consultants and alumni are primed in the most up to date data analytics and visualisation technologies.

They come armed with both technical and soft skills to make the most of your data.

The consultants will help you:

    • Understand trends and performance
    • Identify unique insights
    • Make better informed decisions
    • Obtain greater value from your data
    • Solve your biggest data challenges

Cost Effective

The cost of engaging a Data School consultant is less than hiring a typical contractor, but will provide the same value for your business. The Data School consultants are highly skilled and help you solve your biggest data challenges.

Established support mechanism

The consultants have the support of the greater MIP and Data School team, both local and overseas. Not just an independent contractor.

Fully backed by a talent network

Backed by the experienced MIP team , the Data School both here and globally, as well as the Data School alumni now working in data analyst roles around the world.

The Fixed cost

Take the surprises out of your project budgeting. The Data School consultants are available for six month engagements.  The engagements can be extended for a further six months.

Future employees

You can engage the Data School consultants directly at the end of their training and placement program.


Our Data School consultants are available for four engagements during their Data School journey commencing in the months of April, August and December.

After the completion of the two-year course, the consultants are available for permanent hire.

Engagement 1

Certified in both Alteryx and Tableau. Consultants come with expert skill level and training undertaken to rival most experienced analysts, plus project experience of client issues.

Engagement 2

With all the expertise included in Engagement 1, plus 6 months dedicated client experience, you can rely on Engagement 2 consultants to raise the game of your whole team.

Engagement 3

With 12 months of industry experience, Engagement 3 consultants will be able to lead larger analytics initiatives. They will be a great resource for knowledge exchange with your analysts.

Engagement 4

Our most experienced consultants, able to lead a small team and train large groups of your analysts.
The final placement before permanent hire.

Example engagements for a Data School consultant

Supplementing your BI / reporting department

Have a big backlog of Tableau report requirements? The DS consultant can build, improve and revamp dashboards, applying best practice in everything they do.

Bringing data viz expertise to your project team

Add a new dimension of analytical capability and reporting to your managed project. Your consultant will help with the data work and visualisation output required for your stakeholders.

Grow Tableau and self service analytics adoption

If you’re promoting the self-service analytics model that Tableau and Alteryx allow, your consultant can help build a COE, run first/second line Tableau support, internal training and encourage successful adoption.

Running a BI team or a big project on their own

We are very proud of the high skill level our Tableau and Alteryx teams achieve through our training programme, but they are still developing in their roles as consultants and may need light guidance and management to ensure success.

The Data School has played a pivotal part of developing a custom HCM solution that has greatly increased productivity in our workforce through automated insights and visualisations. We’ve enjoyed the company of two highly skilled resources in our team who were fresh out of the first year training program. They both have helped Optus test the boundaries of what is possible in HR Data and Workforce Analytics as a valuable contributor to our team.

Adam Provins

Workforce Analyst / Product Owner, Optus

Thank you to the Data School team for assisting in the development of analytics and reporting for our Fringe Benefits Tax process. The team were extremely effective in understanding the tax concepts, converting a complex Excel based macro into Alteryx and developing insightful Tableau reporting. In addition, their presentation skills were exceptional. It still amazes me to think of all they achieved in just five days.

Alesha Mercieca

Manager Tax Operations, Australia Post

We engaged the Data School team to help us with developing HR Dashboards in Tableau. The team quickly understood the data and the insight they provided on our data was amazing.

It was obvious that all consultants had a passion for data and analytics and they knew their way around both Tableau and Alteryx. We have been very impressed by the professional, analytical, collaborative team work and the attention to details shown by the consultants.

Gihan Khalil

Business Intelligence Manager, Western Sydney University

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