Data School Client Projects

This is your opportunity to test drive the Data School consultants.
Find some data that you’d like analysed or that you just haven’t had the time or resources to work with.
Bring it to the Data School and use 8 of the brightest minds to find insights, patterns and predictions.

Contact us to book your spot.

Client Projects – 1 week duration

Your data + our consultants = the art of the possible

Client Briefing

The client brings a data set and any questions about it to the Data School on a Monday



Work the Data

The team of 8 Consultants analyse the data to answer specific questions posed, or identify hidden insights and value, guided by current industry expert coaches.

Create the Story

They work as a team, manage and lead the project to deliver valuable insights to the client.

Tell the Story

Using visual best practice, the consultants build and design dashboards to provide a compelling story and key takeaways.

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