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Alex Stephens

Eric Loi

Eric has both a Vietnamese and Chinese background. He majored in Accounting and has experience in Sales. It was in his previous role as an entry level Analyst role that Eric discovered his passion for data hence applied for The Data School Down Under to kick start his new career. During his spare time, he enjoys playing video games or watching drama. An unexpected hobby of Eric’s is snowboarding! Ask him about it.

Charisma Adlem

Fabrice Joseph

Originally from Mauritius, Fabrice moved to Australia to complete a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at the University of Queensland. Since graduating, Fabrice accumulated 7+ years of experience in primarily management accounting roles and a couple of entrepreneurial projects. Having encountered data in the accounting profession, Fabrice had developed a passion for analysing data, extracting insights and findings ways to improve his workflow. Such is his passion for data that he has data projects as hobbies. Data School was the natural next step for him to launch his career in data. Besides data, Fabrice has other interests such as yoga, reading books on ancient history and philosophy.

Kevin Prescilla

Jaime Reyes

JB hails from the Philippines where he was an anti-malware engineer for 5 years. After moving to Australia in 2017, he worked his way up in a school supply company starting with a role as a despatcher and then taking on roles in IT support and bookkeeping. His passion for data is so deep that he can spend hours exploring and analysing data without tiring or getting bored. When JB is not all over data, he spends his time playing basketball, Pokémon cards with his daughter and building robot plastic models. If there is one dish that he would have to eat for the rest of his life, it would be Lechon, a Filipino delicacy (roasted pig) that reminds him of home.

Georgia Thomas

Jamie Ferreira

Jamie is a graduate straight out of University of Sydney with a majors in Data Science and Business Analytics. He has a passion for problem solving and data analytics, hence he decided to join the Data School. Jamie also enjoys travelling, with Vietnam and Thailand being ticked off his backpacking list. During his spare time, he enjoys spending his time listening to music and playing sports; particularly AFL, basketball and golf.

Summer Dong

Tamara Allcock

Tamara has an interesting background in veterinary science, data analytics and retail. She discovered her passion for analytics while working on a range of research projects involving Australian and exotic wildlife. She was excited to learn about the Data School and the opportunities it provided to develop this interest into a career path. It may be a common preference, but she thinks you can’t go wrong the variety of options a delicious pizza offers. In her spare time, Tamara is an avid reader and watcher of fantasy, science-fiction or assorted pop culture and also enjoys painting, craft projects and writing.

Jason Yeo

Neil Li

Neil graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master’s degree in Information Technology. He started his career as Data Analyst in a Tech Company in China. Recently, Neil moved back to Australia and decided to join The Data School, kick-starting his career with Data Analytics in Down Under. He looks forward to learning cutting edge skills and meeting fellow data enthusiasts who share a similar passion for data. In his man cave, you will spot Neil enjoying his video games and reading. He steps out with his racquets to swing it for Tennis and Badminton. Want to put a smile on his face? Ask him about the Chinese Hot Pot!

Dana Voroshchuk

Shiva Ravi

Shiva, a graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, had an exciting Oil Industry career for over a decade exploring ocean bed through marine seismology. Being an Instrumentation specialist in International waters, he found his passion for data visualization while working with binary seismic data. Recently, in a short stint as a Technical Asset Manager, he discovered Tableau to manage the ridiculously diverse scientific equipment in the Global marine warehouse. He refers to inventory planning as finding a needle in the haystack, and Data analytics is like having a wand in hand. In a quest for learning, Shiva found Data school, which paved the way for the most-awaited career switch as Data Analyst. He is currently pursuing Masters in AI (Part-time) from Western Sydney University, and in his spare time, you can spot him cycling, running or designing logos. Recently, he tried his hand in cooking and took an interest in exploring cuisines. If there is something he cannot live without, that would be coffee!

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Alex Stephens

Alex Stephens

Originally from Plymouth (pronounced: plim-uhth) in the UK, Alex Stephens has moved across the globe in pursuit of a data analytics career. After many years working as a Technical Manager at a concrete company, Alex found a passion for data analytics which really helped him cement his spot in the Data School. His decision to move to Australia stems from his love of travel, hoping one day to see British Columbia, but for now, happy to settle for our local coasts. Oddly, despite creating a Viz specifically on shark attacks in Australia since the 1960’s and knowing full well the risks associated with being in the water, Alex still loves the beach and has decided that snorkeling is an appropriate way to pass the time.

Charisma Adlem

Charisma Adlem

Charisma has an interesting background in animal science, having completed a Master’s degree (MSc) in Zoology at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She found her passion for data analytics through her scientific studies. She was delighted to discover that The Data School provides a means to follow her heart and enter a career in data analytics. Charisma is a loving mother of two ferrets and has discovered a talent for abstract and realism painting in her spare time. If Charisma had to choose only one food type to eat for the rest of her life, it would be sushi. Charisma also enjoys outdoor activities including fishing, camping and hiking.

Kevin Prescilla

Kevin Prescilla

As a late-stage PhD candidate, Kevin’s appreciation for data analytics grew during his studies into poultry nutrition, or as he calls it, “chickens”. It was this appreciation which spurred his decision to change career paths and ultimately led him to apply to the Data School. In his spare time he enjoys powerlifting – ever challenging himself to beat his last max weight – as well as all kinds of gaming, from board to PC. If Kevin could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Well, the answer is Antarctica, as he is fascinated with how people can live and survive down there (although some might argue because it’s the furthest place you can go on Earth from a chicken).

Georgia Thomas

Georgia Thomas

Georgia completed a PhD degree in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at the University of Sydney. Her thesis focused around using location data on a population of kangaroos to answer questions about their home ranges. Her passion for data exploded while doing data analysis for her thesis. She decided to follow her passion for data analytics and gained a position at The Data School Down Under. Georgia particularly loves working with spatial data as it gives better visual insights into a problem. Interesting fact about Georgia, the place she would most like to visit is Ireland due to her strong connection to her heritage there. She also enjoys playing basketball and Play Station games.

Jason Hu

Jason Hu

Jason graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, after that he worked as a bookkeeper in a smash repair for almost ten years. While learning Python and Tableau after working hour, he found he interested in data visualisation, therefore, he decided to join the Data School to gain related experience. Outside of work, He is passionate about running.

Jason Yeo

Jason Yeo

Jason is originally from Malaysia and has lived in Hong Kong and Australia. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Actuarial Studies and a Bachelor in Commerce, majoring in Business Strategy and Finance at UNSW. He has a passion for problem-solving and data analytics, hence he decided to pursue a career in this industry and pivoted into the Data School. In his free time, he enjoys sports, going to the gym and he likes music and playing his guitar.

Dana Voroshchuk

Dana Voroshchuk

Originally from the Ukraine, Dana has lived most of her life in Greece before moving to Australia. She has a background in hospitality management and hotels and found her passion in data through her experience in a data oriented company. In her spare time, Dana loves films and learning kickboxing.

Summer Dong

Summer Dong

Summer graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in International Hotel Management. She discovered the beauty and power of data while working as a Quality Improvement Manager in the hotel industry. Before joining The Data School, she also worked in the education industry as a Work Integrated Learning Facilitator. In her spare time, she enjoys free diving, watching documentaries, and spending time in nature.


Patrick Breis

Patrick graduated university with a double degree in Psychological Science and Commerce majoring in Marketing. He has a background in Digital Marketing, having worked in agencies in both Sydney and Wollongong. With a passion for problem solving and an appreciation for data garnered through his previous roles, Patrick jumped on the chance to work for The Data School. In his spare time he enjoys staying active by going to the beach or for a hike.

Romy Li

Romy did his Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering at UNSW. After completing his studies he worked in both the energy and education industries for a few years. While working as an Education Consultant, he discovered his passion for data analytics and enhanced his skill sets in big data and data visualization through online courses. Romy’s hobbies are badminton, reading and trying out different restaurants throughout Sydney.

Jethro Chen

Jethro graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor of IT, majoring in Data Analytics. Before joining The Data School, he worked at the NSW Data Analytics Centre, participating in data science projects. While working on those projects, he glanced over his colleague’s shoulder and discovered the wonderful world of Tableau and data visualization. In his free time, Jethro enjoys hiking in the mountains and playing with the latest technologies.

Amy Tran

Amy hails from Vietnam and completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics at the Australian National University. While working a marketing role in Japan, she became interested in data analysis and began self-learning Tableau. She applied to join The Data School to gain knowledge and experience working with data in order to pursue a career in data analytics. In her own time, Amy is an avid blogger and also enjoys working on craft projects.

Leona Lai

Leona, originally from China. She graduated in Project Management and then worked as a Data Analyst in Tele-communications Company. She came to Australia two years ago. Her passion for Data Analytics made her join in The Data School for her career growth. In her spare time dancing, Cooking and Badminton. If she could only eat one food the rest of her life she would choose Dumplings.

Sean Gu

Sean was a student at UNSW studying a degree in Data Science with a major in Statistics. He decided to join The Data School because of his love for Tableau in making analysis more accessible towards a larger audience and his interest in a client facing role with a consultancy aspect. During his studies he decided that he is more interested in a role that is more involved in analysis and presentation aspects of data than hard coding. In his spare time Sean enjoys playing chess, badminton and tennis. If he could only eat one food for the rest of his life he would choose pho.


Alex Taylor-Jackson

Alex has moved to Australia from the beautiful South Coast of England having obtained a degree in Economics in the Netherlands. As a passionate problem solver, Alex is eager to apply his degree in understanding and solving some of the leading challenges in the world using big data, and sharing his insights through data visualisation. In his spare time, Alex enjoys hiking, travelling, swimming and running.

Anders Wold

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Anders moved from Norway to Australia to follow his dream of working abroad and travelling. He worked as a production coordinator in manufacturing for 2 years but his fascination for data and automation led him to a meet and greet with the Data School. He was so impressed by what was presented and the endless possibilities of data analytics that he decided to make a career change. In his spare time, Anders loves playing soccer and exploring Sydney’s outdoors and beautiful beaches.

Christopher Ktenas

Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Marketing, and decided to pursue his passion for analytics after discovering the amazing potential of Tableau in his Marketing Metrics unit. The Data School specifically drew his attention due to the comradery and learning opportunities. In his spare time, Chris primarily enjoys engaging in sports; particularly rugby league and basketball; but is also fond of technology and music.

Fairuz Khan

Fairuz graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in IT, majoring in Business Analytics. While looking for a job with an exciting analytical role, Fairuz came across the Data School. Fairuz has prior experience in running businesses he started in different fields. He is multilingual. Apart from his passion for analytics, Fairuz is also a foodie and an automotive racing enthusiast. An ideal Sunday for him would be driving a Formula 1 car across the race track.

Junya Wang

Junya moved to Australia to undertake her Master’s degree in Accounting in Melbourne. In the last 3 years, she has gained experience working in real estate, energy consulting and engineering. Word of The Data School from a podcast perked her interest in the Data School. Recently, she gained permanent residency and CPA in Australia and wanted to shift her career away from accounting and into data analytics. If she isn’t eating wagyu beef at a Korean BBQ you can find her dancing hip hop in the backstreets of Newtown.

Nicholas Hills

After studying environmental science in the US with a soccer scholarship, Nicholas travelled around the world for around 3 years, out of which he spent 2 years in Colombia. After coming back from the great adventure, Nicholas worked for EY in marketing research where he came across Tableau and grew interested in data analytics. He is passionate about products like Tableau and Alteryx that enable every-day people to explore data and discover insights which are otherwise hard to identify.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking, photography. While forever passionately exploring new hobbies, Nick recently falls in love with rock climbing.

Ryan Edwards

Ryan has a passion for data analytics from his studies, having attained a double degree in Accounting, Finance and Computer Science at the University of Auckland. He moved to Sydney from New Zealand to experience a new country and culture, but most of all, he wanted to apply his degree in a practical environment. Ryan has previously lived in Shanghai and Shenzhen, where he has worked in the high tech industry and received the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia. His hobbies include outdoor rock climbing, running marathons and going on adventures – Ryan has run a marathon on the Great Wall of China.

Xiaoyan (Ivy) Yin

Ivy graduated with Master of Professional Accounting from Macquarie University and discovered the power of data analytics during an internship. A friend told her about the Data School, and she did not think twice about applying. She fell in love with Tableau during the application process and has not looked back since. When Ivy is not automating workflows or creating beautiful visualizations, you can find her on the beach or in the bush hiking, while listening to her favourite K-pop songs. Ivy loves the diversity of food Sydney has to offer but in her opinion nothing beats the traditional Cantonese food.


Alex Chan

Alex has a background in Engineering, having attained a Bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering, as well as a PhD for his work on solar cells. He enjoyed analysing research data, but did not want to pursue an academic career. Drawn by the analytic potential of Tableau and Alteryx, he applied to the Data School. In his free time, Alex enjoys playing real-time strategy games and planning his next travel.

Chantel Brooke

After graduating with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons), Chantel spent several years working as a Logging-While-Drilling Engineer on oil and gas rigs. After then travelling the world for a couple of years she decided to return to Australia and discovered the world of data analytics. She loves being able to apply her knack for problem solving to discover stories in data. In her spare time Chantel loves travelling, indoor rock climbing and hiking.

Danica Hui

Danica graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons) from University of New South Wales. During her work on her thesis she realized her passion for data visualization and loved how it can transform confusing data to easily make sense to people. In her spare time she enjoys dabbling in baking and working on craft projects.

Sachin Wijeratne

While studying towards a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) at UNSW, Sachin enjoyed the statistical component of the course. This prompted him to search for opportunites in the data analytics industry, and he was attracted to The Data School by the creative potential of Tableau to visualise data in countless ways. In his free time, Sachin enjoys following a wide range of sports, including cricket, basketball, soccer and American football.

Iram Javed

Iram has a Masters of Computer Applications, and established a career in software development and quality assurance – where she enjoyed a focus on data analysis. After moving to Sydney, she heard about the Data School, and quickly became hooked on Tableau whilst completing a whole bunch of Makeover Monday challenges. This led her to successfully applying to be a part of the DSAU4 cohort. In her spare time, Iram enjoys yoga and shopping and loves to keep studying and learning.


Varun Varma

Varun completed his master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Technology, Sydney.  While working as a Call Centre Analyst, he enjoyed working on data to derive insights. Consequently started learning Tableau, this is when he stumbled upon Data School Down Under. Over the weekend, Varun can be often found at one of the bush trails around Sydney.

David Ruhnau

Studying at the University of Technology Sydney exposed David to Data Analysis. Through one particular course, he managed to make a theory about some lost metadata and has been entranced by the power of Data Analysis ever since. Having some past Tableau experience as part of an internship, David saw the Data School as a way to refine his knowledge of the product into a suite of skills built on it. David enjoys both videogames and Tabletop RPGs in his spare time, which his long train trips to and from the Data School give him plenty of.

Grace Murphy

Grace graduated with a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons) from the University of Newcastle in 2014. During her PhD she realised that the best thing about doing research was crunching data and building a story with it.  Aiming to work in data consulting rather than biological sciences, she came across The Data School Down Under and had to apply. Away from the computer Grace enjoys cats, drawing and British TV sitcoms.

Jonathan Waerner

Jonathan graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics. When looking for graduate positions but not quite ready to stop learning, he thought the Data School was too good to be true. Jonathan’s passion for data sparked discovering vlookup and is excited to find this is just the tip of the iceberg!  Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys playing soccer, cooking up a storm, and spending time with his family and friends.

Shuchita Sharma

Shuchita has a post-graduate degree in Environmental Science. While looking for alternate career options, after having taught high school students for five years, she was drawn to the ability of data visualization and effective communication through storytelling.  It was during this period that she heard about The Data School Down Under and it seemed the perfect way forward. Outside of data, Shuchita likes spending time with family, bushwalking and exploring the outdoors.

Ricardo Santos

Ricardo studied Civil Engineering in his hometown of Lisbon, Portugal mostly because of his passion for urban planning and transportation systems. During the course, he first came in contact with some basic data analysis techniques and that’s when he first realised the power of data. After moving to Sydney in October 2018, he eventually found out about Tableau and The Data School when looking for new job opportunities. In his spare, time Ricardo is likely to be found reading or exploring Sydney’s amazing coastal walks.


Andrew Banh

Andrew graduated from the University of Sydney with a double degree in Commerce and Science. His love of data drew him to The Data School where he can apply his diverse skillset to make business decisions which are driven by data. Joining DSAU2 seemed like the logical step for Andrew. While he isn’t developing attractive Tableau viz’s, he juggles bouldering, cooking and taking weekend trips down to Perisher when it gets colder.

Alekh Srivastava

While doing Commerce (Business Analytics) at the University of Sydney, Alekh discovered his interest in all things related to data. It was from there that he stumbled upon the Data School Down Under and decided to invest in dozens of hours of Tableau for his application. While working on it, he became more confident with the software and knew the addition of data analysis with visual analytics was the path he wanted to go down. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, watching MMA and reading all types of news.

Blake Stroh

Blake studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Wollongong and has developed an appreciation for all things data while working as a database administrator. While traveling abroad in the UK, Blake encountered The Data School and discovered that The Data School has launched Down Under. While he isn’t leveraging advanced analytics in Alteryx, Blake loves nothing more than travelling but while he’s home, he will be surfing at Sydney’s beautiful beaches.

Alice Rooney

Alice Rooney graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in statistics. Her passion for working with and understanding data led her to The Data School Down under. In her spare time she enjoying baking sweets, traveling and reading mystery murder novels.

Pris Lam

Pris Lam completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Sydney. Bringing to the table working experience in operations and as a Millennial/Gen Z focused trainer, Pris is fascinated by data driven decision and engaging storytelling.
It was in the UK that Pris met a graduate of The Data School UK and decided to continue her data journey with The Data School Down Under. Outside of data, Pris loves travelling, collecting instruments from around the world, and watching documentaries.


Mohammed Hemayed

Mohammed has an Economics and Business Analytics background. It’s at Uni where he first encountered the world of data. His masters thesis involved digital marketing data analytics using Tableau and it quickly became one of his favourite topics to research. He was lucky enough to have great mentor who even further inspired him to pursue data related career. Apart from Tableau he likes programming using his favourite language – Python as well as cheering for Liverpool.

Meera Vijayan

Meera has a solid background in IT and Computer Science, but it was her friend who introduced her to Tableau. When Meera is not designing dashboards in Tableau, she likes to make Indian inspired desserts, and spends most of her free time with her family and friends. Her passion for making data driven decisions led her to the Data School.

Leigh Morrell

Leigh graduated from the University of New South Wales with a double degree in Asian studies and Microbiology. Following an honours degree in virology, he got a taste for the power of data in the real world. This instilled a passion for data and what it can achieve, leading him on the path to DSAU1! Outside of data, Leigh enjoys cooking, ultimate frisbee, and the outdoors.

Babita Dalal

After completing a master’s in philosophy, Babita began her career in Education and Business Administration but decided to pursue her passion for data. After discovering Tableau on the recommendation of a friend she has never looked back. A few months of self-study later, Babita is a proud member of DSAU1 where she is well on the way to mastering data visualisation to generate insights. Away from work, Babita likes cooking and travelling.

Jonathon Cavalieri

Jonathon studied Electronic and Communications Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Jonathon came across the Data School while looking for graduate positions that combine his passion for both data analytics and life-long learning. Having never used Tableau or Alteryx before, he quickly familiarised himself with the tools and was astounded at the flexibility and responsiveness the tools had in developing solutions to problems big and small.

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