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Andrew Banh

Andrew graduated from the University of Sydney with a double degree in Commerce and Science. His love of data drew him to The Data School where he can apply his diverse skillset to make business decisions which are driven by data. Joining DSAU2 seemed like the logical step for Andrew. While he isn’t developing attractive Tableau viz’s, he juggles bouldering, cooking and taking weekend trips down to Perisher when it gets colder.

Neal Wang

Neal graduated from the University of New South Wales with a double degree in Commerce and Science. Following an honours degree in Mining Engineering, he entered the world of geological data and attracted by the beauty of data visualisation. Data School down under inspired him to pursue a career in data analytics and made it real. He is a super fan of DOTA, a game which he has played for more than 10 years and you will feel his passion in snowboarding during winter.

Harshita Yejella

Harshita Yejella graduated in computer science and technology from India. Before joining The Data School Team, she worked for Yash Technologies as a SAP ABAP Trainee. She saw The Data School as an opportunity to combine her love of data and SQL, while developing on her data visualization skills. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and throw ball.

Atule Sheorn

Successfully completing a MBA from Macquarie University and having worked in TAFE NSW as a PMO Financial Advisor, Atule is passionate about learning data from the best and practical experiences. When not busy working away on Alteryx Designer and Tableau, Atule can be found taking long drives. His hobbies also include running marathons and playing cricket.

Alice Rooney

Alice Rooney graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in statistics. Her passion for working with and understanding data led her to The Data School Down under. In her spare time she enjoying baking sweets, traveling and reading mystery murder novels.

Pris Lam

Pris Lam completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Sydney. Bringing to the table working experience in operations and as a Millennial/Gen Z focused trainer, Pris is fascinated by data driven decision and engaging storytelling.
It was in the UK that Pris met a graduate of The Data School UK and decided to continue her data journey with The Data School Down Under. Outside of data, Pris loves travelling, collecting instruments from around the world, and watching documentaries.

Alekh Srivastava

While doing Commerce (Business Analytics) at the University of Sydney, Alekh discovered his interest in all things related to data. It was from there that he stumbled upon the Data School Down Under and decided to invest in dozens of hours of Tableau for his application. While working on it, he became more confident with the software and knew the addition of data analysis with visual analytics was the path he wanted to go down. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, watching MMA and reading all types of news.

Blake Stroh

Blake studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Wollongong and has developed an appreciation for all things data while working as a database administrator. While traveling abroad in the UK, Blake encountered The Data School and discovered that The Data School has launched Down Under. While he isn’t leveraging advanced analytics in Alteryx, Blake loves nothing more than travelling but while he’s home, he will be surfing at Sydney’s beautiful beaches.

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Mohammed Hemayed

Mohammed has an Economics and Business Analytics background. It’s at Uni where he first encountered the world of data. His masters thesis involved digital marketing data analytics using Tableau and it quickly became one of his favourite topics to research. He was lucky enough to have great mentor who even further inspired him to pursue data related career. Apart from Tableau he likes programming using his favourite language – Python as well as cheering for Liverpool.

Meera Vijayan

Meera has a solid background in IT and Computer Science, but it was her friend who introduced her to Tableau. When Meera is not designing dashboards in Tableau, she likes to make Indian inspired desserts, and spends most of her free time with her family and friends. Her passion for making data driven decisions led her to the Data School.

Leigh Morrell

Leigh graduated from the University of New South Wales with a double degree in Asian studies and Microbiology. Following an honours degree in virology, he got a taste for the power of data in the real world. This instilled a passion for data and what it can achieve, leading him on the path to DSAU1! Outside of data, Leigh enjoys cooking, ultimate frisbee, and the outdoors.

Rajan Nepal

Rajan completed his master’s degree in operations engineering and engineering management from University of Technology Sydney. While looking for a career path, he came across The Data School Down Under. He soon realised his passion for data visualisation and knew a career in data analytics was for him. His hobbies include exploring nature and playing football. He is a big fan of Liverpool FC. YNWA!

Jonathon Cavalieri

Jonathon studied Electronic and Communications Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Jonathon came across the Data School while looking for graduate positions that combine his passion for both data analytics and life-long learning. Having never used Tableau or Alteryx before, he quickly familiarised himself with the tools and was astounded at the flexibility and responsiveness the tools had in developing solutions to problems big and small.

Jasna Dishlieska Mitova

Jasna is a Psychology graduate with a passion for statistics, sweets, and adventuring. Following an international career in Human Resources, Jasna’s educational background has drawn her back to the familiar world of data and numbers as a member of DSAU1. Her photography hobby lends a strength in design, her education a rigor in thinking, and her passion for data a creativity to round it all out – Jasna is keen to start her journey with data!

Babita Dalal

After completing a master’s in philosophy, Babita began her career in Education and Business Administration but decided to pursue her passion for data. After discovering Tableau on the recommendation of a friend she has never looked back. A few months of self-study later, Babita is a proud member of DSAU1 where she is well on the way to mastering data visualisation to generate insights. Away from work, Babita likes cooking and travelling.

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