The Data School Coaches

Head Coaches

Craig Dewar

Craig fell in love with Tableau back in 2010 when leading an enterprise rollout within a global organisation.  Since then he has been teaching, evangelising and providing data viz consulting services to many people and organisations; and along the way has added Alteryx to his consulting skillset.

In his own time Craig runs a Youtube channel CraigsHacks for Tableau, and blog CraigsBlog that focuses on Tableau tips tricks and visualisation experimentation.

Apart from creating Tableau vizzes on cricket and horse racing, Craig enjoys cooking, is a keen cyclist, and can often be found at his local beach.

Craig is a Tableau Certified Professional, Alteryx Designer Core Certified.

David Bartolo

Dave has been a user of Tableau since 2010 when he discovered the power of using data visualisation to tell a compelling story. In 2013 Dave joined MIP and he was shipped over to Seattle to be certified as a Tableau trainer. Dave was also fortunate enough to be able to attend TCC13 where he first saw Alteryx and quickly realised the power of using advanced analytics in addition to data visualisation.

He has been consulting and training in both Tableau and Alteryx for many years and in that time has had the pleasure of working with many organisations in many industries. Dave is passionate about analytics, and the insights that can be found and shared through data visualisation and is very happy to be participating in Data School Australia.

Assistant Coaches

The Data School Australia is ‘powered’ by a number of coaches with specific areas of expertise to assist our head coaches – including guest appearances from the coaching team at Data School UK.

Rachid Mousine

Rachid has more than 20 years’ experience in data warehouse and BI system design and implementation. As a solution architect and program manager Rachid designed and implemented large enterprise BI systems for a wide range of industries including finance, banking, health, education, telecommunications, transportation and government services. For more than 10 years Rachid was managing large data warehouse and BI system in the role of Enterprise Data Warehouse manager for different corporate bodies. Rachid has a passion for data modelling and mastered various data modelling techniques.

Outside of work Rachid likes to read about history of humankind and history of religions.

During his working career Rachid had multiple certifications for database management systems, BI applications and project management methodologies.

Tram Trinh

Tram has many years’ experience in database & data warehouse development, and includes Tableau & Alteryx in her toolset for building data solutions. They enable her to effectively solve business problems and make data more accessible to people. Tram enjoys the blending of technical & analytical thinking skills with visual creativity in data visualisation, and finds getting a piece of complex code to run just as satisfying as getting shapes & colours aligned just right.

When not fiddling around with data, you might find Tram travelling & exploring, applying colour theory to painting, searching for clothes with decent pockets, or staring into a screen or page.

Tram is a Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate and is Alteryx Designer Core certified.

Madeli van Niekerk

Madeli joined MIP as a Senior Business Intelligence Developer and Tableau Certified Trainer in early 2016. She started her career as an Industrial Engineer focusing on Inventory Management with a strong emphasis on Database warehouse development.

Madeli enjoys the challenge of finding simple solutions out of complex problems, and has helped many customers to better understand and visualize their data.

When not puzzling around with data, Madeli tries to spend as much time as possible with her husband and two young kids. She loves to travel and discover beautiful beaches and national parks around Australia and neighboring countries.

Madeli is a Tableau Desktop Associate, Tableau Certified Trainer, Alteryx Core, Advanced and Partner certified professional.

Nick Duncan

Nick joined MIP as a business intelligence consultant in 2016, specialising in end-to-end reporting, analytics and data science solutions using Alteryx.

Although Nick’s varied background includes studies in philosophy and psychology, time at a law firm and in media, Nick found his passion is solving big problems with the power of data. He has delivered BI systems for a wide range of clients in industries including finance, banking, construction, government services and telecommunications. He enjoys a challenge, and pushing Alteryx and Tableau to the limit.

Nick’s interests include all kinds of music, although he has a particular fondness for 90s electronica. He enjoys football, he supports the Australian football team through the good times and the bad, or any world club team that contains a Socceroo.

Nick is an Alteryx Certified Professional.

Russell Huynh

Russell is an experienced Principal Data Warehouse Architect who has been with MIP since 2010. He loves designing and building large scale Data Warehouse/BI Solutions and has extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of information systems development, including: project and team management, strategic planning, data modelling, ETL/ELT and BI implementation. He has experience across multiple industries including telecommunications, education, financial and insurance services and the public sector.

Away from work, Russell loves to spend time with his young family especially cooking new exciting meals or trying out different places to eat. He also enjoys the great outdoors and loves to unwind and do a bit of recreational fishing.

Russell is certified as an Alteryx Partner, Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate, SCRUM Master, Data Vault Modeler, Snowflake Associate and Teradata Specialist.

Ryan Lambert

Ryan joined MIP in 2016 and is a Senior BI/Analytics Consultant. His background encompasses data modelling, database design, solution architecture, business analysis, project management, and development. Ryan works primarily with Alteryx & Tableau to deliver solutions for clients. When he is not at client sites he can be found making insightful dashboards, creating API connectors in Alteryx & Alteryx apps, or furthering his Python skills.

When he is not at work, Ryan is an avid family man that gets into fun adventures with his family on the weekends and is a sports enthusiast for American sports.

Ryan is a 2018 Alteryx Grand Prix finalist and has the Advanced, Core, and Partner Alteryx Certifications. He is also a Scrum Master and an Associate-level CPA.

Ayelavan Nimalendran

Ayelavan is a Senior Analytics Consultant and is across the full stack of technologies that MIP offers. He enjoys helping customers solve problems they have around data and getting the most out of this data using Tableau and Alteryx. He started his career off as a civil engineer working on construction projects and like many data schoolers his passion for data has motivated and provided the drive for him to change careers so he can work more with data.

When he’s not tweaking a Tableau dashboard or building a workflow in Alteryx, Ayelavan is a huge Liverpool fan. He also enjoys kicking the ball around showing off his football skills.

Ayelavan is a Tableau Certified Associate and Alteryx Designer Advanced Certified.