The Data School Coaches

Bethany Fox -​ Head Coach, Sydney

Bethany has always had an interest in data analytics, which was intensified whilst studying for her MSc in Applicable Mathematics. During her time at university, she began to understand the need for being able to make the complicated, uncomplicated.

After playing around with Tableau for data visualisation, she was impressed with how intuitive and creative it was. She soon realised that joining The Data School was the only option for her!

Bethany has been an active consultant for The Information Lab in the UK for the past 6 years working with clients to find insights in the client’s data. Her clients were all sad to see her leave the UK and head off to Australia to take up the Coach role in the Sydney Data School.

In her spare time, she loves dancing, playing the piano, and exploring all things new in Sydney and around Oz.

Ross Easton – Coach, Melbourne

Ross studied Law at Newcastle University, but upon graduating decided that a career in the law was not for him and, after some soul searching, he concluded that a career in data suited him best. He had always held a fascination for well-presented data and is particularly passionate about the potential for efficiency and transparent decision-making that data provides. The Data School provided the perfect opportunity for a transition into a more fulfilling and exciting career in data, and he has never looked back since!

Ross has been an active consultant in the UK for just under 3 ½ years working with clients to produce insights in a variety of industries but, when the opportunity presented itself, Ross jumped at the chance to move to Melbourne to help cultivate a new generation of analysts as a Coach in the Data School Down Under.

In his spare time Ross loves to play soccer, is passionate about music both as a singer and as an avid concert-goer and loves to travel and embrace any opportunity for adventure he can get his hands on.

Shane Dolley – Lead Coach, Brisbane

Shane has worked in both public and private sectors, within industries such as finance, insurance, mining, distribution, media and urban utilities.  Coming from an operational background, he brings a practical approach to data consulting with a focus on delivering quality outcomes for customers. 

As a keen photographer and UI/UX designer, Shane also brings core graphic design concepts into dashboards built using Tableau and loves to consider visual psychology when designing dashboards.

Shane ultimately loves coaching new analysts and ensures that in addition to technical analytical skills, that the many years of consulting experience he has goes to good use by advising our data school graduates on how to manage projects, effectively lead a team and how to scope complex requirements.

In his spare time, Shane can be found engaging in  astrophotography and sailing his yacht with his 5 year old beagle companion manning the bow!

Natalia Miteva – Coach

Landing a job in analytics straight after graduating from university, Natalia has worked in data consultancy for 4 years. She enjoys helping clients transform complex data into clear and meaningful insights, leading to well-informed decisions. Her clients come from wide a range of sectors including Private Equity, Insurance, Automotive, Professional Services, Consumer, and Education.

Having gone through the Data School training programme herself, Natalia understands the journey from a learner’s point of view and draws on her own experience when teaching others. She is passionate about coaching and spreading her love for data.

Natalia is also actively engaged in the data visualization community, co-leading Tiny Viz Talks, a community which helps dataviz enthusiasts grow and nurture their skills.

Outside of work, you will most likely find her practicing yoga, hiking, and exploring nature.

Assistant Coaches

The Data School Australia is ‘powered’ by a number of coaches with specific areas of expertise to assist our head coaches – including guest appearances from the coaching team at Data School UK.

Russell Huynh

Russell is an experienced Principal Data Warehouse Architect who has been with MIP since 2010. He loves designing and building large scale Data Warehouse/BI Solutions and has extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of information systems development, including: project and team management, strategic planning, data modelling, ETL/ELT and BI implementation. He has experience across multiple industries including telecommunications, education, financial and insurance services and the public sector.

Away from work, Russell loves to spend time with his young family especially cooking new exciting meals or trying out different places to eat. He also enjoys the great outdoors and loves to unwind and do a bit of recreational fishing.

Russell is certified as an Alteryx Partner, Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate, SCRUM Master, Data Vault Modeler, Snowflake Associate and Teradata Specialist.

Grace Murphy

After a change in career path took her from biological research to data analytics, Grace has been working since 2019 to deliver reporting, data integrations and data pipelining to clients. With a toolbox containing Alteryx, Power BI, and Tableau, Grace loves breaking apart complex problems and designing elegant solutions.

She is happiest when automating and streamlining manual business processes, but also enjoys flexing her creative design muscles with reporting dashboards. Away from the laptop, Grace spends her time attempting to draw, watching every romantic comedy from the 90’s, and exploring new and varied restaurants around Sydney. Grace has the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate and Alteryx Designer Core certifications. She is also Scrum Master certified.

Chantel Brooke

Chantel originally studied Mechanical Engineering and spent several years working on oil and gas rigs. After travelling the world for a couple of years she decided to return to Australia and discovered The Data School and the world of data analytics.

Chantel was a member of cohort 4 of the Data School Down Under and also worked as a Data Analytics Consultant for MIP. She brings her experience of completing the Data School to her role in coaching. She loves being able to apply her knack for problem solving to build creative solutions in Alteryx and interactive, engaging dashboards in Tableau.

In her spare time Chantel loves travelling, rock climbing, board games and spending time with her dogs.

Rachid Mousine

Rachid has more than 20 years’ experience in data warehouse and BI system design and implementation. As a solution architect and program manager Rachid designed and implemented large enterprise BI systems for a wide range of industries including finance, banking, health, education, telecommunications, transportation and government services. For more than 10 years Rachid was managing large data warehouse and BI system in the role of Enterprise Data Warehouse manager for different corporate bodies. Rachid has a passion for data modelling and mastered various data modelling techniques.

Outside of work Rachid likes to read about history of humankind and history of religions.

During his working career Rachid had multiple certifications for database management systems, BI applications and project management methodologies.

Tram Trinh

Tram has many years’ experience in database & data warehouse development, and includes Tableau & Alteryx in her toolset for building data solutions. They enable her to effectively solve business problems and make data more accessible to people. Tram enjoys the blending of technical & analytical thinking skills with visual creativity in data visualisation, and finds getting a piece of complex code to run just as satisfying as getting shapes & colours aligned just right.

When not fiddling around with data, you might find Tram travelling & exploring, applying colour theory to painting, searching for clothes with decent pockets, or staring into a screen or page.

Tram is a Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate and is Alteryx Designer Core certified.