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Read from our customers on how the Data School Consultants pushed the limits of data analytics and helped solve their biggest data challenges.

We engaged the Data School team to help us build our analytics capability in the Services division. We have had 28 consultants work as part of my team over the past 3 years. They are very quick at understanding our data and providing insight that has significant impact on the way we manage our business. The Data School seems to attract some amazing talent – it is obvious that the consultants all have a passion for data and analytics – and they all know their way around Alteryx and Tableau extremely well.

Phil Hall

Pre-Contracts Manager, Lendlease

JLL challenged the Data School team to learn our newly released Viz Guidelines (how we viz), and makeover several key dashboards that needed attention.

On the first day we trained the team on our standards, which compressed their time to deliver. They swiftly organised themselves into pairs, with facilitation from their Project Lead, and eagerly reviewed the problems we were aiming to solve. I was impressed with their engagement, thoughtful questions, and determination to deliver outstanding results. We decided to mimic JLL’s operating model, participating in the team stand-ups each day to help them remove blockers and answer any questions. The makeovers that were delivered provided us with a great platform to improve, and the storytelling was insightful.

The client week was a great way for JLL to find new opportunities in our data, but also to observe the Data School trainees. We believe the investment we made in training the team during the client week, has paid dividends. After Data School graduation we have placed two consultants in our team who demonstrated excellent design and communication skills. They are flourishing in our team, and we look forward to working more closely with Data School.

We highly recommend working with the team to bring your data to life on a client week.

Fiona Gordon

Global BI Director, JLL

We engaged the Data School team to help us approach a complex text mining analysis task, which consisted of hundreds of PDF inputs that differed in terms of formats, abbreviations and details. The team was able to quickly understand the task and communicated well to alleviate any misunderstandings. The results after 5 days far exceeded my expectations. It was obvious that the consultants all had a passion for data and analytics and they knew their way around Alteryx.

Chris Soldi

Business Controller – Parts & Service, SA APAC, Sandvik Mining and Construction Australia

We engaged the Data School team to help us with our Tableau visualisations. The team quickly understood the data and the insight they provided on the data we provided was really good. And all in just 5 days. It was obvious that the consultants all had a passion for data and analytics and they knew their way around both Tableau and Alteryx.
Niro Sathiyamoorthy

BI & Analytics Lead, Retail, Australian Unity

Bing Lee is one Australia’s leading retailers with a sharp focus on our customers and their needs. We were interested to see what the Data School consultants could do with our data. We engaged the Data School team to help us with our Tableau visualisations. The team quickly understood the data and the insight they provided on the data we provided was amazing. Incredibly, it all took just 5 days. The consultants all showed a passion for data and analytics and had a great grasp of the technology stack – Tableau and Alteryx.
Phil Moujaes

Head of Technology Modernisation, Bing Lee Electrics

At Santos, there is a culture of capturing and hoarding copious amounts of data – what’s required is breaking open that data, for information and insight. We were introduced to the talented team at The Data School Down Under to help us understand the value of our data when we apply the right technology and skills to it.

We provided a sample set of risk, maintenance and incident related data on the Monday – by Friday we had an insightful and interactive presentation from an amazing group of data analysts. They were enthusiastic, professional and proud to present their discernment of the data through analytics. It was impressive to see how they leveraged Alteryx and Tableau to produce perceptive visualisations to exploit the full value of the data.

Christian Trigg

Technical Systems Analyst, Santos

We engaged the Data School team to help us provide analytical insights, visualisations and dashboards to our user community.

Mohammed, our Data School consultant,  is a very impressive and innovative analytics professional, who has engineered  the state of the art data automation process that fuels insights through interactive, storytelling visualisations.

His level of professionalism, the approach to the complex challenge he was given and the resulting solution, within a very limited time frame,  were simply outstanding.


Larisa Sipek

Senior Manager, Analytics and Market Insights, Deakin University

We’ve been impressed by the level of professionalism of the entire team, their team working and collaborative skills, as well as a perfect balance between business acumen, presentation capabilities and technical expertise.


Ben Petremont

Head of Analytics, Spark Foundry

The Data School team were able to create dashboards for us to visualise complex processes in our laboratory. These dashboards help us monitor vital metrics in our laboratory and assist in identifying any anomalies in our operations

Joe Copty

Bioinformatics Manager, KCCG Sequencing Laboratory at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research

The Data School opened our eyes to the potential of Tableau and Alteryx in our data-wrangling and visualisation. The team was exceptionally professional and put together some great concepts over the course of just five days.

Anna Doubell

Director of Research, Policy Cures Research

Our engagement with the Data School consultant has significantly exceeded my expectation. High attention to detail, aptitude to learn quickly packaged up with the right blend of technical expertise, structured thinking and communication skills oozing with passion for success. Result was a favourable customer experience outcome mitigating customer loss risk. 

Ji-Hyun Kim

Director, Automation, Data & Analytics, Optus

My team at Hawkers Beer engaged the Data School consultants for a Client Project week.  The insight they provided on the data we provided was amazing.  And all in just 5 days.  We create our beer in a passionate artisanal way – it was obvious that the consultants all had a passion for data and analytics.  They really knew their way around both Tableau and Alteryx.

Life’s too short to drink bad beer – and too short to use bad data to make key decisions.

Mazen Hajjar

Founder and CEO, Hawkers Beer

We were very excited to engage with the Data School team. The team’s capability and the way they showed how data and analytics can be a huge value-add to our business, impressed us enormously. We learnt how analytics would directly benefit our continuous improvement and innovation work.  We are looking forward to continuing with the journey.

Libby Mears

Chief Executive Officer, Leisure Networks

We engaged the Data School team to help us understand how we can better visualise our data. The consultants had 5 days to get their heads around our data and our business. They quickly understood the data and the insight they provided on the data gave us a new way to look at how we analyse our results.

The consultants were incredibly passionate about data and analytics and they certainly knew how to apply these tools to answer intricate questions about our business.

Andrew Goodieson

Senior Insights Consultant, Gemba

The Data School consultants did an amazing job using Tableau, Alteryx and PowerBI to understand our data and model some interesting insights – and in just 5 days! We are proud to be partnering with the Data School to help develop the next generation of data analytic mind and celebrating amazing people with our partners.

Thanks you to Peter Kokinakos, James Harvey the Data School coaches Craig Dewar, David Bartolo for having us and Anuj Chopra, Russell Huynh, Tim Rogers for supporting this initiative and our participating audience pathafinders.

Ken Truong

Associate Director, Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence at Optus

In February 2020 we participated in a Project week with the 5th Data School cohort. A team of 10 well-trained consultants, from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, spent 5 days pouring over a problem that keeps primary producers awake at night, namely how to establish stability in output weight.

From a cold start, their curiosity and diligence ensured that they became knowledgeable in our business processes and datasets. Within days they had built a complex data model that incorporated our plans, standards, ongoing measurements and actual weights of chicken into our processing plants.

This was run through predictive models from which they could accurately track the key drivers of weight throughout the lifecycle of our flocks.

This has resulted in a range of insights that are still being worked through by the Farming team. It has been an absolute pleasure to see this Data School concept at first hand, and to see this cohort in operation.

I wish them all the best for their forthcoming engagements.

Jonathan Brough

Planning Systems Manager, Inghams Group Limited

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