The challenge today is to access the Eris ArcGIS Server and get the data from there. There are several websites that we can go to, and ArcGIS Hub.

I browsed both websites and found some links to the interesting data in the ‘’ are not working, and most of the ArcGIS data are base on USA data. I finally decided to visualize the park facilities in Newcastle on ArcGIS.The data source contains different park facilities as point-type spatial objects and the park’s area as polygon-type spatial objects.

Data connection using Tableau Eris ArcGIS Server

After choosing the right data source, I got the URL by clicking on the ‘APIs’ button and paste it onto the Tableau/Connect/Eris ArcGIS Server. Click connect, and we can link to the data source. Please note that Tableau will extract the data source by default.

I designed my dashboard after browsing the data and decided to show different spatial objects using Dural Axis. I would also like to show the targeted park and facilities after I select the home address and driving time. When I join the data using Tableau, it won’t allow me to join or create a relationship with the spatial objects from the data source getting from Eris ArcGIS Server. To solve it and also for joining data sets easier, I save the Tableau workbook as ‘.Twbx’ file and unzip the data source to get data sets as ‘.hyper’ files.


Data cleaning in Alteryx

I put them into Alteryx to spatial matched the home address with parks and parks with facilities. My main processes are:

  1. Generate fake home addresses by getting the center of postcodes.
  2. Get home address buffer and spatial match with Park area, get the distance between home and park.
  3. Union different facilities.
  4. To spatial match park areas with facilities points and output file as a ‘.hyper’ file.

Here is my workflow:

Dashboard in Tableau

After I cleaned and joint the data sets in Alteryx, I connected it with Tableau and built up my dashboard to tell the story: ‘Find Your Best Park In Newcastle.’ Here is my dashboard:

With this dashboard, you can easily find the parks within a certain driving distance from your home. You can also get your favorite facilities or bigger parks by selecting it on the right.

Wrap-up for today

Today we learned about ArcGIS data sources while making the dashboard. Three things I learned today:

  1. Tableau will extract the data source by default.
  2. Tableau can’t join or create a relationship with the spatial objects from this type of connection.
  3. When you want to save your data source into a ‘hyper’ file, save it as a ‘twbs’ file and unzip it.
Leona Lai
Author: Leona Lai