In the previous part (link: I explained how to add multiple layers on maps in tableau, and in this post I would like to show how you can add custom images to your maps in order to make them more appealing. To do so, you need to find the images that you want to import onto your map. When you’re happy with your images you can open your tableau map where you want to add custom images and go to that layer’s marks card. For example, I will be using the previous blogs example and upload images of big ben, Buckingham palace and tower of London.

Now to add custom icons you need to go to your tableau repository. In that folder find the shape folder and add your custom images there

Figure 1: Step 1 find “my tableau repository” 

Figure 2: Find “shapes” folder

Now go to your tableau worksheet and find the marks card for your landmark layer. Change the the type to shapes and from more shapes select your desired shape folder and assign custom shapes to your respective points.

Figure 3: Add your images/icons folder into shapes folder 

Figure 4: Change mark type and select your custom image/icon folder

Figure 5: Custom shapes selection

Figure 6: Final Look

Buckingham Palace & Tower of London: “Icon made by Freepik from “

Big Ben: “Icon made by Kerismaker from”


Maliha Athar
Author: Maliha Athar