Grace Murphy

Grace graduated with a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons) from the University of Newcastle in 2014. During her PhD she realised that the best thing about doing research was crunching data and building a story with it.  Aiming to work in data consulting rather than biological sciences, she came across The Data School Down Under and had to apply. Away from the computer Grace enjoys cats, drawing and British TV sitcoms. 

Quick and easy date parsing in Alteryx

Dealing with time series is a huge part of data analytics. A date field that’s well formatted and consistent will typically transition seamlessly into whatever reporting tool you’re using. A date field that is consistent, but incorrectly formatted, can normally be...

How to learn RegEx (the painless way)

If you suddenly need RegEx to solve a problem, it can be tempting to google a syntax list and start awkwardly crafting the pattern that will (hopefully) match whatever string you need.  This can be time consuming, however, and it’s likely that your solution is not the...

Out of sight, out of mind: LOD expressions (Part 1)

Much of the confusion surrounding Tableau’s Level of Detail (LOD) calculations stems from the fact that they occur behind the scenes. This is probably why they seemed so elusive to me the first time I had to use one. Keep reading if you want to know more about when and how to use these tricky calcs!

3 things I wish I knew when applying for The Data School

So, you’ve just come across the application page for The Data School Down Under. You’re looking for work in the data industry and the opportunity that’s before you seems too good to be true. You keep scrolling and find out that you can’t just send off your resume and a flashy cover letter to be noticed. What now?