Ryan Edwards

Ryan has a passion for data analytics from his studies, having attained a double degree in Accounting, Finance and Computer Science at the University of Auckland. He moved to Sydney from New Zealand to experience a new country and culture, but most of all, he wanted to apply his degree in a practical environment. Ryan has previously lived in Shanghai and Shenzhen, where he has worked in the high tech industry and received the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia. His hobbies include outdoor rock climbing, running marathons and going on adventures – Ryan has run a marathon on the Great Wall of China.

Feature Engineering – Cyclical Variables

What's the difference between 23 and 1? If we're talking about time, it's 2. A cyclical variable is a fancy name for a feature that repeats cyclically. I'll write a future blog post on the importance of feature engineering, but in short, it aims to improve the...