Jonathon Cavalieri

Jonathon studied Electronic and Communications Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Jonathon came across the Data School while looking for graduate positions that combine his passion for both data analytics and life-long learning. Having never used Tableau or Alteryx before, he quickly familiarised himself with the tools and was astounded at the flexibility and responsiveness the tools had in developing solutions to problems big and small.

DashBoard Week Day 2:  Sydney Trains

DashBoard Week Day 2: Sydney Trains

For day two of dashboard week we were given a task to pull from NSW transport API. Specifically we were to pull timetable information and real time delay data for Sydney trains. The API was relatively simple to get going. Just create an account. Add the API endpoints...

DashBoard Week Day 1: Melbourne Cup

DashBoard Week Day 1: Melbourne Cup

We are entering the final few weeks of the training program. This week we have entered into Dashbaord week. Where each day we are given a data set, generally with some sort of challenge to it. With the Melbourne Cup tomorrow we were given data scrapped of racenet...